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It was a cold night in the rain

Posted on May 21 2014

Recently, the town is always rain does not stop, heavy rains continue, let people have long forgotten the sunshine.
The heavy rain down rain, easy to cover the window of the car sound, voice, occasionally accompanied by a few thunder, not far away in the sky and thunder. The first drop of rain on the ground covered with a thin layer of mat, down after the rain in the summer sleeping mat made of water on the bounce, small splash splash again after the small circle of a small circle of dizzy. The rain hit the flowers and grasses all be in the blues, but occasionally a few bugs be in fine fig flying. The rain washed the air is so fresh, even the new plowed earth atmosphere makes people feel fresh.
Light rain Xixi, like clouds accidentally soft needle shed. The rain gently do acupuncture needle for the earth, naughty flowers the needle knead into dew, with great care to hold in the hand or hung on the ear. Small rain, gentle and delicate, like a shy girl whisper softly.
Primary school when doing the reading comprehension, if appear on description, will not ask what is the effect, the answer is no more than "rendering" what the desolate atmosphere. Watch TV drama grew up, the hero of the tragic fate of the pole to pole bad mood episodes, heave rain will pour down. The rain in literature or film and television works, seems to be a sad symbol. In the most miserable story. But there are also some romantic plot, Xu Xian borrow umbrella to the White Snake, the achievements of a love song.
When don't love rainy days because of rain, mixed with mud will not let go of my trouser legs and shoes, returned home without a scolding. A rainy day to remind myself to walk lightly, but accidentally with vigorous strides, or is accidentally a car pass by a wave of water, or splashed trouser leg mud. On the school, still didn't love rainy days are indistinct on the point. Academic gradually heavy, if the rain woke up weekend pillow is a kind of enjoyment. But if the class the rain did not take an umbrella, had to hide the eaves road walk back, it is really very bad feeling. But more don't like rainy days. A year ago after accidentally fall is suffering from arthritis, rainy days to a then pain. But it always dampen people's enthusiasm, arouse at sixes and sevens thoughts, let the mood and the weather is bad.
Rainy days travel inconvenient. The weather in the south is fickle and rainy, I do not know when formed take the umbrella with you when you go out of habit, even if no sign of rain at all, will bring an umbrella. So even if a storm, I also unmoved either by gain or loss. Think carefully, actually also is such life. In life there are too many never know what time to come a rainy day, but as long as you take the umbrella, ready to deal with everything, even if rain, can still unhurried to umbrella response.
It was a cold night in the rain, listening to the rain outside the window can not help flying thoughts.

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