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Waiting is a kind of never abandon

Posted on January 29 2014

Who stays in who years, gently think constantly of? From then on, I hold your shadow, wandering life You beauty Really have so a kind of feelings, life will not escape in time, those who can not give up the feelings, always to bud in the years. Zen encounter,...

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Runway Life

Posted on January 7 2014

Units annually organize all the workers running race was held before the Spring Festival . The game will follow 50 -year-old worker , 40 years old , 30 years old, 30 years of age group , ran along the road next week facades of Medicine hong thai travel...

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Water Ducks

Posted on January 6 2014

In the countryside, either river or inlet , as long as the place is lush plants , you can see that one little figure - water ducks. These little guys , all body dark , small, fast flying. On the sparkling water , sometimes swimming , searching ; sometimes...

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