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do best yourself

Posted on July 30 2014

Truly happy and successful people get that way by becoming the best, most genuine version of themselves they can be. Not on the outside--on the inside. It's not about a brand, a reputation, a persona. It's about reality. Who you really are alexander hera....

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my angel and princess

Posted on July 24 2014

Dear Daughter: As we drove off from Columbia, I wanted to write a letter to you to tell you all that is on my mind Cloud Hosting. First, I want to tell you how proud we are. Getting into Columbia is a real testament of what a great well-rounded student...

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time is like a river

Posted on July 4 2014

To create a different life experiences, growth composed mood. The journey in a hurry, arranged in a crisscross pattern confused, sour, sweet, bitter, hot mix. Time does not stop in the years of the slip, and we had to step on the stability, to do the...

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