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the Strip short dream

Posted on April 22 2014

Once sends the book in the post office, a classmate met before, haven't met for many years, she said we were to walk the streets OK? So we walk aimlessly up Burgundy.

She was hoping she and I walk in the street, is trying to tell me, she suffered an unfortunate Pu: her son suffering from diphtheria died, died less than 4 years old. No children together, and makes the don't love her husband soon left her. It made her feel humiliated, that day is not what to expect. She wanted to die. She took the train to a city by the sea, in a post office in the city, she sat down and wrote a farewell letter to parents. This city is so strange, this post is so noisy, lined with brown table paste big and red and blue ink spots the letter very much -- a desperate to. Then one took the parcel man walked up to her and said: "girl, you look good, you help me sew the needle." She raised her head, and the old man grey-haired, his aged hands trembling, clutching a small needle.
sirva My classmate suddenly cried in front of the old man. She suddenly stopped going to die and wrote a farewell letter. She said, because the old man called her "girl", because she is always all the old man in the world "girl". Life still need her, but the specific need is the immediate need of her help this old sewing needle. She even felt as her "to despair" in a natural way.
She sew the needle, and for the elderly stitch evenly sew packages. She left the post office out of the back in his home city of the sea. She started a new life, also found a new love. She said she met the old man in her life in the post office, she didn't help him, that was the old man to help her, help her to be broken life continued the next up, like a needle and thread connection to complete the open package. She also said that since the days have what not happy, she always think of the old man's words: "girl, you look good, you help me sew the needle." She often thought that commute to work, sometimes it is like a dream is not real, but real is not a dream.
However what happens may in the dream of the street or the street dreams, even if your foot is a step backwards Road, even though your eyes are hundreds of years old, even though you identified in this old road old street will no longer have the novelty, but everything will happen happen, because this street and the road of life is far more than we birthday flower shop.
If life is like a The Strip, I do not want to miss every minute in this street landscape.

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