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the tomb of grass

Posted on May 26 2014

As in previous years, a bouquet of carnations, a cake, some fruit, follow the sun, came to the Mission Hills cemetery. The summer sun among the silent cemetery, warm, less past the cold. Qingming to now, just how long didn't come, mother's neighbor and a lot of new. Flowers, cake and fruit placed in the tomb of mother, go back to visit her new neighbor one one armani sunglasses sale.

Quietly reading an inscription, has more than 80 year old elderly, have positive youth young people, there are a few years old children. Sigh, death levels and. Here lies the speculation of what kind of a person, why die. Live is better than live, seniors, good family may also look forward to can go further in this earthly way, love the world better. And those family poor or no in suffering, perhaps already waiting to be freed. To see the state national hero, turn back halfway in the wilderness. Those young people, maybe it is the cause of the brilliant period, prosperous period. How to chase fame career when, but ignore the body itself. When death comes, only regret. Those children, those little life, why the collapse? Is it too early seen through all sorts of, not greed is not love, early find relief? Life and death is started, death is the end. No matter what leave, all hope rises early bliss.
hair transplant After birth, noble living puppet inscriptions empty, for whom? Behind many tombstones, engraved with the deceased's life, mostly officers or has a prominent family man. Read these inscriptions, witness they had had brilliant. My mother is just an ordinary man, no prominent family, not valiant record, there is only a lifetime for family devotion, for their work. The original tombstone inscribed in, people have asked us, after the monument engraved mother whether to life, we refused. A mortal, and some just ordinary and toil. Since it is a piece of blank came to this world, it is still a blank to leave. Don't let all the suffering in this life, the afterlife heavy road.
The heavy traffic away from downtown, where a piece of quiet. In a tall pine and cypress, sit on the ground. See the forest of Steles erected, green pines and cypresses, grave grass green. Accompany these silent undead, thinking of the past life. In the past, once brilliant, strive to pursue fame and fortune, and death, is nothing but a mist. The brain becomes vacant, peaceful. Look at the trees, not far away, several strains of unknown green leaves, mottled red, but their results? Valley pool, a group of fish happy frolic, calm water Dangqi a circle of ripples. Feet, several ant in the grass to climb, soothing, calm GEM blog.

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