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if you walk from my sky

Posted on April 17 2014

The evening hurried away, asked the wandering in the cloud. The white gull, my sky you ever stop? But I don't know why, it was silly. I clearly remember, at the full moon dew is heavy autumn. You have to hold my hands, solemnly on your chest. You will promise to by Xu compass, you will stay in my sky, forever. When your eyes, like a cloud wadding like the gentle, melt my heart on your last point at. When I give my heart to you, you with tears on face, snuggling in my shoulders. But now, I can't remember how long you go. Only when I miss you, in every night, heart trembling, tears will not consciously flow TV Mobile Stand.

Juan Juan and frosty today, falls in the silent trees, pour in the meandering river. The volume of the west wind, blew my cold hands, hidden in the mountains behind it. In the lonely Xikou, in the desolate, once the shore of peach blossom, Yanyu Lou, I could not find, and join hands with the. Lonely, asked Du Bo white gull, my sky is ever stop? But somehow, it always sad to fly. If you don't have to, why am I always recall you, quietly from behind me, covered my eyes, your innocent kiss, branded on my forehead? I how also unable to forget, we embrace, your sweet smile and charming two eyebrow bashful. And tonight I, can only be in building a pillow listen to the cold, light music, and eastward, V. sadness.
veuve clicquot The wind took the small window curtain, bell sound as of old. Staring at the light in the intersection, I really don't remember, has gone through many lonely autumn. Raised his head, looking for the suspension of the day. Can the gloomy sky, what are not. Whenever night overwhelmed me, ask the solitary fly the white gull, my sky you ever stop? Why do I sincerely to pay, but was not? I want a warm embrace, will hug me to the old, the Is it right? Too demanding? Would you like a meteor, brightly across my sky, but only for a moment to stay, then will fade at the end of the universe? But you know, is the short beautiful gentle, has my heart away. From that moment, I know my love, has Spilled water cannot be gathered up.
The heavy fog lock the wind, is the old cream thick winter. I don't know why, I will be you leave the station, waiting for. As the first of my face, rest on my sleeve, and the turning of the tears, condensed into pale together, hanging in the corner of the eye. But in any case, it is also not cover my eyes. When pain strikes, asked that sad white gull, my sky you ever stop? If you dare to love people, are doomed to be covered the wound? Whether to learn to cherish, love will be injury to go? You know I know what love is, never to return? The distance you, please tell me, our love is there? Every night, I would dream that flicker of beidou. Perhaps it makes my love war into sorrow, engraved in the fundus, engraved in mind, printed on the brow GEM blog.
Misty sunset, eyebrow added a new worry. Wind blowing Che Shuli, and yellow climate. According to the sill far vision, heart inexplicable uncomfortable. At the moment, whether you have took the hands of others? Have you take someone else's sleeve? I just want to say to you, a person's time, do not drink wine. I do not like, every night to drunk to give up. So haggard I, now more than chrysanthemum yellow, thinner than litter. I don't know, but how long can stop the tears flow, no flow? Heartache to where, is the end? I don't know our story, can continue? Our love, can again? I watched it for a long time, but you never walk from my sky. Only the poor clouds, day and night, I stay with.中醫針灸減肥

if you walk from my sky
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