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don't drive in the afternoon

Posted on April 9 2014

Gorgeous spring in farewell, the summer flowers. I'm hiding in a comfortable room, daily a wisp of wind, clean room, meditation. Lazy to yoga, too lazy to beauty, too lazy to thought, fingers careless, oft difficult written in spring, the small state of mind, little secret into clouds. Home has the examinee, cook a daily drink, busy with fireworks. Element face all day long, the wide pajamas to wear suitable straight, found suddenly that, in the long term, the image is destroyed, how see people reenex facial?

Early summer breeze, envy of southern heat the livelihood of suffering. Can't imagine, daily sweat rain how to live? I was a waste of the good times, but hiding in the invisible waves to smell the wind home, counting the point in time, the calculation table. Though calm, don't care how's daughter to take an examination of, but whenever the night, lonely likes in advance. Day by day to day, the college entrance examination approaching, whatever the outcome, will be a daughter to leave our moment. There thousand, angel wings plump, always want to leave our line of sight. In recent days, Mr. Increasingly homesick, he moment in front of my eyes around to, is not to say, I'm know his heart is played. For the purity of a home, and indoor air fresh, the dog dog tun hair period, still very reluctantly give up what one favours, send it to mother's home in the country. Daily habits with them, especially the Sir, even if you don't eat, for the dog, also want to eat on time, eat less a mouth suddenly, and at noon daughter, chasing the time to review the table before we both left, small eyes at each other, even if the taste is like chewing wax. For five years, five years, I am in daughter's side, no matter when, no matter what she need, I will appear in front of her. Accustomed to the three lead a dull life, not rich, but the years static good, but after this summer, calm waters to dimple. Xia Lin, is long. His daily in the setting sun is back, always careful to care about my mood. I always sigh a cause. Most of life hand in hand from full-fledged when children begin to cherish. Day suddenly don't noisy don't make the tangle, who believed not inclusive of all sorts of also have become the relief of life. Even he who snore, as well as those childish, together with his pillow bags of snacks, and the whole of cigarettes were all can be inclusive, cigarettes taste seems to also can sniff out those days of warmth. And I in his eyes, those who think they can change to devilment, such as never knew the door; Buy the rest of your life vegetables and meat, never know the price; After the days of rest, has always been the one month's salary gets empty, the remaining half is not out of the house, vacuum time. These in the disadvantage of the hard to accept, but became his teasing life bit more beautiful. The best I can do is turn off the light after every time he come with me, listen to him say a few words of "doctrines LaoNianMen", only to listen to a fun, see old ferocious face.one way car rental I am a pure man, don't play, don't understand to calculate, don't know how to cater to people, but not careful the people behind calculating it one more time. The thought of the gentle and lovely smile hidden behind the knife, the thought of that beautiful face under the mask of his dirty mind, then despise a smile, thinking this is not a peer, why far-fetched together? I haven't been betrayed his smile to laze around and dignity, natural don't want to interacting with people like that. He raised his hand, and the twelve very approve of. I know these tolerance is because he is too dependent on the door to see me, even if it's unkempt, was also his wife. Every day he still used the car for me. Wake up early this morning, naughty he put my quilt torn off, and then solemnly said: "also sleep, sleep? My car in the afternoon, you have something go to do in the morning." Can I have what thing? He said: "don't you like to go out this pat that? Don't drive in the afternoon." Oh, oh, he is still remember that some of my hobbies. Can't love without a quilt on the bed, up to tidy up the room, thinking about, the rose which is in full bloom? Calculation, also haven't out of the house for a couple of days. In each and every day, night, go out had sex, offered a lovesickness plexus. Day, but the warmth of home, reach rose flowers yan. Struggle, effort, otherwise, the smart play careless may tired makeup look, wrapped in cheongsam, stepping on high heels, go walking lady? Thinking, design the various scenarios, struggling or driving the car to HaiBinLu. Just cheongsam that wrapped the body fat, how to also cannot gao.wear so casual clothes, like barefoot on the comfortable shoes, that feeling some of the nature. Parking, carry some food, drink, carry the camera into the locust tree forest of may. 9:30 in the morning sunshine, from a crack shot down in the shade, betting on the grass, and so the whole piece of the forest is full of vitality. Sit on the floor, not in a hurry for the may flower, though I know they are behind me, I every year at this time to see them, all the walls are covered with roses. I just turn your back on my childhood dream, close to nature. Listen to the birds singing in the woods. Scattered across the sea, visitors. I looked through the cracks between the mottled, can see the distant fishing sail. A gust of wind, with the scent of roses, your lungs let me can not help but look back... Wind is pagoda tree flower petals, are young, it was season farewell note, knock on my careless tired body. Lose water petals rain hit the surface slightly pain. Maybe the season or affective farewell is carrying water chestnut, always can touch the nerve, let you suddenly feel sorry and sad feelings. As I looked up and look for the roses, the fork in the road will appear in the eyes, the scene immediately clear eyes, respectively Voting System.

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