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on the face can't afford to injury

Posted on March 25 2014

Moss of the silver is about 13 early; That day after shampoo, love help to blow a hair, exclaimed said after my ears long gray hair, also from time to focus on my face, mouth say "old?! The law of nature"; At that time, my heart a tight, loss of life, love to see my displeasure, comfort "tease you, just like a child, when will it be mature point ah"! And then laugh "well, may lack a vitamin, later not picky, strengthen nutrition is restored, but it is hidden, not canvass cannot be found". Because always believe in him, so such a lie, that calmed my sense of loss at the time, talking and laughing again, and also from time to time of mirror the arrogant, had taken a little play boy, don't know the face of danger is coming closely fathers day flower

Later, xu had this silver uneasy cent crop, until Japan comb my hair in the morning, had witnessed its proud posture, it lose, then angrily yanking the, pursuing a fast; But in a few days, it is the resurgence, to tease my fighting capacity, of course, since I had not stooped, blood xing staged scenes at again. So repeatedly play a few rounds, I wonder if love at the beginning, always self betting is in the collapse of disintegration, bit by bit, had taken "coming events cast their shadows before them" attitude.
14 years New Year's day go to hair salon to do hair, asked for inhibition of white hair, the master told, don't pull hair, relax the mood, strengthen nutrition, often do care; Ha ha, said a heel did not say, is not my emergencies, straight-tempered dye, a move that really work, I have a long time not see its arrogance.
Unfortunately, due to illness the other day surgery, injury, loss of yuan abatement many, at that time the body is not feel; Color problem, spot problems followed, mesoscopic like grain question will also soon to visit, let alone after working all day long, easy tired weary; Ha ha, really into the middle age? Despite a heart a, ten thousand a reluctant, also has changed the cruel time ah.
Youth, you can excuse alesson session, reckless impulse, so hard to avoid mistakes again; Old age, the ignorant and recklessness of youth has passed, and experienced middle-aged mature precipitation, the heart is calm, just enjoy it; Middle age, however, long lost, real showdown, crisis, inadvertently bloody reality is to you to be seen, you can no more anger and, also can't turn a blind eye, even if your mental age evergreen, young vigor is still in the heart, also want to receive, the very plain, very wise side show your mature with SiNian, bring out the best in each other, otherwise, was laughing as inappropriate, the nun.
People saying goes "king of young, healthy, fitness," count the home treadmill, hula hoops, rope skipping, shuttlecock, badminton, table tennis, but these are practiced for? No! Eventually however is that the fresh a few times, a few days ago after the final cannot perserve, so, now the poor physique, also have no complains.
Look, this cabinet is full of clothes, red, yellow, green, pink, I'm afraid the future light means never touched; To send people, through the water, and afraid of disrespect with people; Her daughter, she is still in school, will therefore took heart; Keep it, can only memories and beautiful.
italy holiday Theory of business again, this season you to the bank, the labor work, should be running around here like a pro, belongs to the mainstay of the enterprise occupational fatigue, and the pursuit of pay, also can let you want to and jump or newline, but even so, you won't be in those days it recklessly and owed; You will find that have sprung up around emitted a lively boy and a girl, but you have to fight with them despise the ordinary clerk, the salesman or the clerk of the work, they as young need to accumulate experience, you are different, one, you have many years of work experience, have since don't have to mention, I am afraid, on the face can't afford to injury. Moreover, you are feeling, not fitting for salary, I'm afraid you are not be considered; If you are unfortunate circumstances, the company to replace new blood, you are adjustable duty or laid off, the of all kinds of taste, no more than upset WuWeiPing should; Looking for a job, many awkward, only for the; Entrepreneurship, late!
Stay at home, especially can afford, there are so many mouths when you feed. So, hard to avoid your cold heart restore, the frustration of life have been infinitely magnified in this season.
Count emotion, "qingqing long my class", "remember the green skirt of thin silk, fragrant grass everywhere flow" and so on various kind of sad, is especially there is no qualification to mention; Is already RenFu, a woman, as parents, motherhood, regardless of whether you are young, romantic with a bang exceptions, or plain, in the present will not have the chance to regret, to repeat; Don't sigh with emotion "affectionate should laugh at me, early grey"; Poetry not outstanding, wen xin, if you write a prose, poem or essay or something, to the emotion, may also have not cannot, right.
Ha ha, middle-aged, embarrassed, Ruth!
Long lost, leave is the leave shall not be, why struggle frustrating, just let it be! A disease party enlightenment "read a heaven, a hell". There is gain and loss, the time is fair, to you, to me, to sentient beings; Time to go to where? Perhaps we all know, may also don't know; I can catch the figure, also can't deceived "forever young"! Isn't it?
This field by silver to stir up trouble, my chagrin, link with our sad, perhaps only in midlife crisis drives slowly slowly precipitation, Discovery Bay Hong Kong introspection.

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