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with some hope of youth

Posted on March 10 2014

Also remember that first, the car a moment, the time could not stay, because only the first sun life brand, with some hope of youth, with leaves little gibberish, mixing up my eyes. The elegant white boy, has not lost on the warmth of the sun smile Oh, just quietly into my life. Then I, all day reading corner that breeze white shirt Robert Parker.

Every day every day to calculate what the wind is in what direction, how much strength to blow that white dress is almost perfect. That is me ah, do not know is not only a don't is life, life can also be a few tenths of a short, only one, is the eternal life of the length, and then, miss miss ah. That year the sun splashed on the leaves of tiny spots, is that you give me the warm love, the most beautiful injury, persistent with me into dust, powder soil, but still miss the painful joy.
You go quietly in the flower fields, swaying in the wind Equinox flower at. That is a picture, with a daughter's mind, for the sweetheart to do the most beautiful painting. Behind you is look ahead, firmly step every step I, follow in sb.'s footsteps, afraid of making steps to bother you. Do not think the other girls can play around you, just don't want you to think I'm tired, just do not want to let you feel troubled, That's it, That's it, they are all of me, all want to read. I was naive enough to believe that, with your sincere, pure thought you give the most beautiful happiness, I insist that we can have a different Equinox flower, let full warm warm shore flower, persistent believe forever we are each other's happiness has to touch the boundary.
veuve clicquot The red Equinox flower burn all my life, happiness is the most helpless and regret. Still remember when we together for each strain Equinox flower, you with great care. Together we keep them, countless days and nights we waited their sprouting, out of their own flowers, rotates into a dazzling beauty. We laugh together, together to dance with joy. Suddenly I do not know where the light breeze blowing, blowing up Equinox flower faint fragrance, like in the and I do and. Equinox flower, you think I'm too lonely? Or do you also miss him, complained that he didn't come to see you?
The students are chirping and noisy, noisy, where all the dust from their years of youth china. Opposite came a very perfect couple. The boys seemed to overflow the sun warm smile, but soundless and stirless to burn my heart, heart came again a burst of pain, fall apart the spilled blood arrogant exudes a faint smell, in the sun dazzle beautiful despair, what time I to your feeling has become a spontaneous non conditioned reflex of the? The original original, you are not my poison, is my life.
As the desert from you, so cold you, not my you, not me. Stiff raised his head, looked at the blue of the sky, lost the focal length of the eye that the loss of life, lonely tears end up lonely, not you, not you, again and again, again and again, silent reading, humble thought, until they can distinguish between reality and fantasy to believe that, until can't believe.
And together with you to keep those Equinox flower, flowers such as the blood reddened the sky. The blood red and whose tears ah. You still on my warm smile, everything is normal, nothing has changed. If you still that you, I try to do your eyes that ordinary me, I very hard, very hard to smile for you, live every day. But some things are imperceptibly, soundless and stirless changed track, into nothingness hong kong property prices.

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