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small happiness, as long as I live

Posted on April 1 2014


If you have him, please as far as possible let him jealous. You should know, since you chose him, are you getting along with other boys, the distance is a bit special. He can for you refuse to the other girls, just for the sake of the hard-won together.
hong kong estate agents If you have him. So please don't compare with other boys, even if he don't say anything. But he also uncomfortable. Because he was he, he also has his life. So he will be in their own way to love you. You chose him, then shall accept him as a little bit of small faults.

If you have him. So please don't say you don't care, not love, because you know, the girl's betrayal will give a boy how much despair and sad.


If you have her, please less online fantasy game, more to her care and greetings. Because, walk you to the last was not the fantasy game, but a true waiting around you love you girl storage ideas

If you have her, please don't always doubt she has improper relationship with another boy. Boys, if a woman does not love you, so she wouldn't have been to accompany in your side, life for you. So please be kind to you that she well. Forgive her surprised, she was afraid. Give her a comfortable home.
If you have her, have to treat her well, whether it's 10. Year or 20.30.40... Until you have to leave to give her a don't abandon commitments. This is you owe her. Because she used a lifetime bet Smartboard..

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