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Runway Life

Posted on January 7 2014


Units annually organize all the workers running race was held before the Spring Festival . The game will follow 50 -year-old worker , 40 years old , 30 years old, 30 years of age group , ran along the road next week facades of Medicine hong thai travel .

This afternoon , the annual running race will be held as scheduled , according to the age when the roll call began , suddenly found last year, several of my colleagues still standing beside me , has been promoted to the group , and then calculate their own as long as two years the same as natural as they qualify . This is the time to change our constituencies .
Time has really invisible presence , it was like a beam , like a river , like flow. With a variety of cross drama staged, we seem to understand that we are able to perceive any fragment , is the time took us exactly to this clip. Film can be understood that all matter is relative to the life story of the past now or in the future , have occurred on the existence of a copy of the film , at this moment presented , along with the flow of time just after the transmission into the spotlight shadow imaging .

Especially when the point over the name , I was standing in the same position last station on the same kind in the same type of crowd atmosphere , listening to the same person 's voice through a microphone in the same rhythm tone frequency division , I am a little confused - is not already back in time I was not not near through to the last year?
Sometimes we remember the day , such as today January 3, 2014 , when a small error mistakenly When Today is January 2, 2014 or January 4, 2014 , when a big mistake even mistakenly write today to January 2013 3, 2009. These mistakes , we tend to correct in others , the day will soon realize her mistake . The flow of time has come to January 3, 2014 , we carry the flow of time in the car, did not choose correctly true to this day .
But that moment, I could really crossed , to the last scene in the running game . I was not able to replace the time I , at the same time I can not exist two different times. I this time , although in that period through to , but only the audience , to see another I stood there , while chatting , while around the corner.

shopping in Europe  Fortunately, this time the microphone came a loud cry much more than last year , " run" , all of a sudden now I'm back now, I naturally did not see last year ran out of position , but this year I ran out of the moment certainly a great pace , followed by standing in front of the players ran out without being quickly pulled away.

Track does not change, or that circle road , encountered the same way King is natural, but some fear in my heart , always worried about experiencing the same person or the same thing in the same location .

We believe in God, believe ghosts past , and now we believe in Marxism , but it can not escape , " What are they afraid in case any" strange . This is not just turning over more than fifty meters , hit a roadside stone bench resting on passers-by, the same as last years of his mouth and muttered : " ! Come on , come on ," I do not want to have the feeling of crossing , it will rub out my past year, I do not want to cross to the last time , I want to continue to experience extended experience. But is this a same whisper , in this same section of step a breath running I replaced the last year - he was breathing really hard , mind beating stopped running, and the same people behind the idea of ​​walking , but hear it whispered voice: "Come on , come on ," he continued ran ......

" Xiao Hou , get tickets ! " Thankfully , this drawer becomes friends. When I was coming around them, shouting master roadside invoice back to me.

Took the ticket , I could not help cocking think: life course has really burned at the time of the film , everything just show it? Life Time really can flow into the past , to make life re-experience past it?

No, never .

He is a director and actor of his life , the director did not lead actor did not play , how might the story of the shooting image , burn it to a shadow , copy it into the shaft ? The next time the film is blank , waiting for me to play my own side of the leading edge of his own life story .

Time flows like a river , just soaked my ankle kind of water has to flow away , farther and farther to flow away , although she infiltration is so gentle, but retained her ankles in the past only in memory. I just called the crossing, but the scene seduce a memory , let me present time , opened the memories of the past pieces.

Life is like this track, behind them is the past , the future is in front . Over the past years will not be retained in any future, the future and there is no point in the past . And the time now exist in the present, is the most true to yourself together .

I raised the first run, bumper heartbeat own feelings at this moment , not sentimentally attached to the past , do not expect in the future , a solid step by step to move . Run, run , run, there is no ranking prize is not important, important is that I now truly alive Veda Salon.

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