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Water Ducks

Posted on January 6 2014

In the countryside, either river or inlet , as long as the place is lush plants , you can see that one little figure - water ducks. These little guys , all body dark , small, fast flying. On the sparkling water , sometimes swimming , searching ; sometimes tie a Mengzi gone, after a long, only to emerge in another place ; sometimes silent no words to stare at a certain place , a motionless , as if some what mind.
I once accidentally got water over a duck .
After an avalanche of summer rain , rising water inlets in the old days, luxuriantly plants, in ruins. Ji Shibu far apart , I clearly saw a few heads small duck, which got into the roadside grass . I immediately had a desire to catch them a home, so that her daughter liked . Then three steps and two steps, quietly rely on forward, searching a few back and forth , resulting in a cloud of fluffy grass was found lying under a one Ehupushi , a press and hold the only teal .
It appears that this is only a young duck , which is about the wind and rain, some Huangbuzelu bar, small round eyes , revealing a frightened look . Ducks long neck , thin legs , fledgling , grow only a layer of brown hair, was my arrest in hand, " Gull Gull __ " cried, struggling . Anxious, but also stretch my back a few beak , exciting moment of feeling , really funny . So close to a duck up close , this is the first time his life . Watching the ducks, my eyes , and soon spread into an inlet of lush plants , bright sun under a blue sky , a few ducks leisurely wandering in the water from time to time by dressing her pointy beak feathers - - this is obviously a delicate and elegant ink it.
Daughter met with teal , Wow , first literally uttered a cry , and then asked me , is how to get their hands on it .
Like what, I asked.
Daughter biting a finger , staring teal , gently shook his head.
I ventured to say , Dad catch it home , is to discuss your favorite thing.
Daughter again, shook his head and said , no, it is a paradise inlets it .
In this way, Sheung Shui Sheng bowl , covered with net pots , I still insisted the only water duck stayed.
Former daughter sighed gently , back desk, holds the gills , I do not know what to think.
When I got home again , to see a picture on the desk and more . That was the daughter of painting. Under blue skies , Yang Liu Yiyi , curved spring water , a few ducks in the reeds swim freely . Above also wrote a few words : beauty, from nature.
I have bangs, actually some moist eyes . Yes, ah, daughter of , inlets is a duck 's home country.
A wind and bright sun of the day , I told her , with a small teal , came inlet side . Sparkling water looked up to see that an overgrown pampas , we were squatted down , put the duck into the water , counting in unison , " One, two, three ", you let go . Teal no fetters , like an arrow flying a piece of pampas grass , blink of an eye , it disappeared without a trace it.
I laugh with her daughter , have a long sigh .
See winter, with a field of wind cooling , and shortly , inlets end up in thick ice , where there is the shadow of a duck ? Cold day , ducks gone ? We can not help but worry about it for the duck 's safety.
With this issue, we look for a lot of people . A person has a saying , there are ten kinds of ten people say , so there is a strange answer.
So, in the winter , the ducks in the end gone ?
Some flatly say , certainly to the south . Why not cold because the South . To the south in winter , come in spring , they return north.
Someone said harshly , so small duck , can not wait for the South , already starved to death . In my opinion, the duck will not flee , afraid to stay in the river is wild grass in it .
It was flatly rejected this argument , saying that , if it is to stay in the bushes, cold days , I'm afraid it would have frozen to death . In my opinion, the river ducks , fear is already being deported to those greedy guy, big eat the delicious food bar.
Some even proposed a bold vision of science fiction : in fact, did not duck away, may be hiding beneath the ice , leading to the outside by mouth to bite a breath of reeds to spend the long winter .
Anyway, we were filled with hope that ducks can safely back in the warm spring, you can still see the ducks that pretty figure, the charming spring in a show luxuriant .
Thoreau in "Walden ," said: "Without a rabbit and partridge , a field also into what field it ! " Similarly, if it is not a duck, a river also into what river ? An inlet , but also into what inlets ? No doubt, it was lifeless backwater.

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