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Waiting is a kind of never abandon

Posted on January 29 2014

Who stays in who years, gently think constantly of?
From then on, I hold your shadow, wandering life You beauty

Really have so a kind of feelings, life will not escape in time, those who can not give up the feelings, always to bud in the years.
Zen encounter, trimmed with plain fireworks, not porridge is simple, but there are always persist firmly in affection.
The concern, as the shadow follows the form, always in the most need of the moment, not hesitate to heart warm heart.
Those who do not touch gently, gently scattered on the ground floor of the flower rain.
Really, if decreed by fate, will not spread entanglement.
Those who are willing to go through the long deep, even if the lights, still good time, mild days, warm life......
Throughout the winter, described in the lonely.
Can not tell, snow red, white.
A pure, like a pupil of the eye glances, falling on my life history volume at the end of the period.
In life, there is always a dream, others can not plunder, oneself also can not forget.
The lingering edge, perhaps, is the time of true love.
Even if the students sang is wrong, still at the furthest distance in the world together, warm fleeting.
Following the footprint of life, full of charming.
Perhaps, happiness is just so so, each other heart always persist firmly in, say nothing at all......
Cloud Provider Gap blossom, appearance change.
Look back, suddenly, boat passed over the mountains.
Perhaps, not the sorrow, the passage of time, the deep past.
Once dream, still perched in the cradle.
Those indelible traces, graceful and restrained with the beauty of life.
From the furthest distance in the world, I can see through your heart to cherish, you know, for me.
Waiting for a heart, cloud walk, no sleep perception, tie up into the years Hornsey sea.
The beautiful and charming, around the lights, who never abandon still fluttering in the wind......
Those who died in the years of warm, always make people linger.
I never dreamed I was a passenger, trance, as if returned to that year that month that moment.
The consonance As one falls, a lingering.
The tenderness, slowly through the furthest distance in the world.
The facial features, the tacit understanding, as in the past, no one can replace.
For an instant, the trials of a long journey in the years long past, refuse to realize one's error transfer.
Even if I can't stand in front of you, and the heart, silent watch, heart, quietly hand in hand.
Heart, perhaps all the distance.
Heart to heart, breed with joy, with the time.
There's always that one person, meet again in life, life gradually in the know peace if water.
During the running time, perhaps, love, is really very simple.
Not busy fall that a man left behind, but would you like to come to see the long and who.
The lights and why? People in love, in, will always be sunny......
The dream of flower, the fall time, how enchanting?
Time is more long, the dream is true, silent watch the fire of shan.
Perhaps those moths, resorption, doomed world alone in swimming.
All the love, perhaps it will silence, but the time length.
There are always some time, labor pains come to my mind, the perfect or imperfect, still flow in the ancient days.
Ring fission, the enchanting scattered in the peach blossom rain, who could hold the perfect conjugal bliss?
Finger floret, make eyes at a man, and a miss.
I wish those you love, still in the years to fly side by side.
Perhaps, just silently grateful, just remember that those who saw the bright, can be unmoved either by gain or loss, enjoy the quiet joy......
There are always some mood, Be There Or Be Square, there are always some feelings, birds skim.
Can not give up the years, left many enchanting?
To count the time, all have gone away.
Time slot that deep love, free who thoughts?
Walking in the world, who can not fall silence doctoral degree business?
Concentrated affection, innumerable twists and turns, has met with, is also unable to defend the subtle feeling, as if through a century long.
Time, already bias into the style, time, swaying thoughts.
Temptress Moon cycle, change is deep. Those who smile, quietly exudes fragrance.
Unmoved either by gain or loss, will clear. Pinting blossoming finger holding, so still, you are in, is the time of the harmonious co ming, is the empress dowager.
The years around the watchman tenderness, the attitude of flowers.
In each and every one of you must pass through the intersection, wait.
Perhaps, not hatred, but whenever resentment, those deep, always instantaneous melting those resentment.
Some love, needless to say, no explanation, we can feel that many warmth.
Some concern, flowing with the heart is not old lingering.
The bonds of this world, and fantasy, waiting for the fate of the perfect conjugal bliss.
Maybe, you are not the best, but I care most, the most wanted.
Without the confession, some may, through every day, in the past in the warmth of a nourishing, growth.
A quiet walk on the road of life, you have enough.
Sound, silent, smile, is forever,

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