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he looked to my face

Posted on July 22 2015

The sky floated to the crystal of the snow, the color of the incident, but the vast white. In addition, only quiet, quiet seems to be able to hear the sound of snow falling. But the silence seemed to be drowned by the other istick 50w

I, dressed in a green dress, followed in tight behind, we are surrounded by a group of people, apparently, was forced into an impasse, him, white fluttering, but pulled tightly my hand, the handsome Yan full is decidedly, is feeling behind my trembling unceasingly, holding my hand, not ban tight and a bit, whisper in my ear:
"Not afraid, I'm in!"
Get the answer I raised the young face, with a hint of innocent smile, eyes full of innocence. Snow drifting into a skirt, I can not help but make the a chill, responded to his clenched hand, is in cling to the palm of that touch of warm.
He single handedly holding a sword, and in front of that group of people fighting up, I took him by the hand, always on his side, quietly looked at the killing.
The blood red Trinidad, the white, but new came with the snow covered, and was again red. Ying snow Xiangying, the red more strange and enchanting, like a lot of sleeping blood lotus.
He was protecting me well, is scarred, the hands of the sword, cut into two pieces. Blood, contamination of the gown, although he is sounded very tired, but not conceal the Mou that resolutely, only relying on the clusters of faith DR REBORN, to support his. Hands up and down, still harvest the wave of life, he will not stop, because he knows, stop means death.
I'm still behind the face, a silly laugh, but the eyes of a more unnamed mood.
More people, less blood, kill, the more the more splash. The vast, snow falling, only a few zeros, battlefield only two people, one green, one white.
He got down on one knee, by virtue of this half sword supporters itself, on the other hand yet tightly holding my hand, never winched into a point. But unexpectedly, I think I was away, neither fast nor slow words:
"White, my unfeeling, you should know!"
The words fall, he looked to my face, then helpless to cite a wry smile, my eyes that there is the slightest simply tracks can be found, full is ice, million years, frozen his heart.
I slowly turned, to carry forward, but at that moment, the sense of crisis. A silver arrow at me, straight outraged charges, fast staggering, so no time to react. I know, I will not escape this long, a time to be distracted in there, it seems to be in the face of death's baptism.
Between trance, eyes flashed a white, silver arrow disappeared. I compose slightly, looking at her in front of their fall, mouth residual blood hasn't wiped out, his breath increasingly weak up, difficult to spit a word:
I will support you "be besieged on all sides, enron DR REBORN."

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