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marriage kill as well as

Posted on June 11 2015

About happiness, people out of a hundred, a hundred claims, the philosopher Socrates believes that morality is the people's access to basic conditions of happiness; psychologist Sigmund Freud believes that relieve depression and anxiety is happiness; musician Beethoven thought by means of art as a poor people benefit is happiness; ordinary as me, is that, as long as there is love in our mind, is happiness Home decoration.

Time fleeting, I grow along the road in a hurry along, from children, to a wife, mother. During this period, had to the mother's body heavyhearted. Had to her husband ignored housework brooding over and had to ramble the child's learning achievement too, disappointed and anxious, depressed, is not happy. The more you want to obtain happiness, but happiness and I hide and seek happiness, really so far? What happened later let me understand, happiness has always been around me, in my heart love to hand with it.
It is the evening of a few years ago, her husband sent me to work on the night shift. I sat in the back of his motorcycle, looked at his head on the birth of a few white hairs, and slightly portly figure, my heart dark sigh let I admired man this is the beginning of that in a car broken bicycle to carry me, promised to take me to travel around the world? His lazy, my nagging, marriage trivial life has romantic marriage kill as well as, think of these, I feel a dull. My husband will be sent to the factory gate turn, Business Centre in Hong Kong I walked to the factory. Suddenly, a black dog I rush towards, is seriously ill intent, barking like startled my scalp exploded! Seeing it hub before I was scared I send shivers down the spine of the in going to collapse the moment suddenly felt a hot hand, is my husband held the my hand he cross between me and the dog, I don't know how he charmed away the dog, I also don't know how to go to work sites, I only remember the in his center of palm of the temperature, so generous, so thick palm, so warm smoothing the heart of me a startle. Later, he told me, originally, he has been transferred to the head go a long time, suddenly remind of that black dog day appeared, also bite, if I met, so he came back. He said the plain water, my heart is roaring waves, that moment, I am really happy and hold hands.
From then on, I tried with a heart full of love heart to look around all things, only to find that family, friends, colleagues, and even around the flower of grass, the original has so many good is worth treasuring. I began to have a habit, is used to record one happy moment: young son take the initiative to give me Chuibei rub shoulders; to do their own meals was the son and husband rob to eat with relish; intimate friends gave me a favorite book, enthusiastic colleagues for thirst, I pass a cup of water, oneself to the unit provided reasonable suggestions were adopted; thought withered the jasmine flowers open again... These moments of happiness is like a happy beads, I put them into a necklace, dressed with my life. In a Yunjuanyunshu evening, in a time of blossom I again and again on the feeling of happiness. It has nothing to do with money, and fame has nothing to do. It's like a cup of the light water, do not have the luxury of packaging, no sweet taste. However, it can actually living in the desert people thirst Medilase.

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