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leisurely floating in the sky

Posted on November 5 2014

Time, inadvertently swept autumn light head, blowing autumn hair, days of walking, flounder already is late autumnistick 50w. The autumn...

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a new environment

Posted on September 24 2014

irst, means that you go to a new environment; first, means that you have to make some strange people like you; first, means that you are likely to start from zero.I think that is a very easy to get along with people. Each to a new environment, I can quickly...

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or making mistakes

Posted on August 18 2014

There are some people who are completely happy with themselves, their lives, and their prospects for the future. While they can be considered to be more fortunate than most, most who do not fall into that category are not as bad off as they tend to believe....

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do best yourself

Posted on July 30 2014

Truly happy and successful people get that way by becoming the best, most genuine version of themselves they can be. Not on the outside--on the inside. It's not about a brand, a reputation, a persona. It's about reality. Who you really are alexander hera....

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my angel and princess

Posted on July 24 2014

Dear Daughter: As we drove off from Columbia, I wanted to write a letter to you to tell you all that is on my mind Cloud Hosting. First, I want to tell you how proud we are. Getting into Columbia is a real testament of what a great well-rounded student...

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time is like a river

Posted on July 4 2014

To create a different life experiences, growth composed mood. The journey in a hurry, arranged in a crisscross pattern confused, sour, sweet, bitter, hot mix. Time does not stop in the years of the slip, and we had to step on the stability, to do the...

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the beauty of it is true

Posted on June 20 2014

New Year approaching, the new home of several pots of flowers, a Cyclamen, hyacinth, clivia...... All the flowers and a room full of elegant fragrance. The only pot of daffodils only Bi leaf pieces stand, has not seen the flowers. I only pity it later...

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let me understand that

Posted on June 4 2014

Life, like a dark path, dark, YouChang, deep. On this path, I had failed, had lost. At this point, however, there is a lamp, hanging in front of me, lead me in YouChang ji blazed a path of cold, beyond the self. He is looking for a lamp to my forward...

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the tomb of grass

Posted on May 26 2014

As in previous years, a bouquet of carnations, a cake, some fruit, follow the sun, came to the Mission Hills cemetery. The summer sun among the silent cemetery, warm, less past the cold. Qingming to now, just how long didn't come, mother's neighbor and...

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It was a cold night in the rain

Posted on May 21 2014

Recently, the town is always rain does not stop, heavy rains continue, let people have long forgotten the sunshine. The heavy rain down rain, easy to cover the window of the car sound, voice, occasionally accompanied by a few thunder, not far away in...

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