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full moon tonight

Posted on May 19 2015

After the meal, holding a cup of green tea, window, moon, slow sip.
Tea, from the lips, gently, in the tongue of dying. Tea, bitter and melancholy heart, also the slightest stack, quietly away.
The moon, in the heart on the brow, Ying Ying in the house, covered with. A month after the old waved sleeves, will be a dust, the dust down gently Production Diploma.

Then, with a voiceless, half duckweed, dressing, go out to the hustle and bustle of the floating village, walk slowly. Montreal month Rushuang, Lane Road, Mo fragrant flowers. Let it flower fly long grass, let it grow and fragrance, was silent, I love long. Earth, so numerous, still confused. Walking in misty shadows, with a gentle mood, in the way of time, the lonely hearts lit, the lonely read into the interpretation of the scenery.
No one knows, the wind blowing gently to the incense, like the wind, why is always so warm and affectionate? I know, this moment, live thoughts, gentle and profound. On this, so please return to the heart, in Yingjie Qinghui, in the vast world of mortals, I put his thoughts exile, let the gentle moonlight, the stiff thought, one by one to immerse, soaking, good warm all the journey of the soul.
A bird, singing in the moonlight, sweet and sad. My heart, is a bird sound hit, warmth, flying in the blurred moonlight. Don't want to think, in front of the trap as it is in heaven, just want to use a heart a heart full of love and compassion, hold some soul, let them can like a bird, flying to the bright future and dream. Not only for those towering, distant dream, can bloom in the world.
In this way, a road with warm fragrant flowers and the moon walk, hoping to put some of the scenery out of read. The silent cry of the soul on earth? I don't know. In the busy and lonely in, in the laughter and tears, I see, so many drunk eyes, full of sadness, transmission with confusion.
So, in the light of the moon slowly walked down, full of tenderness, but quietly.
For many years, and I look forward to this way of walking: in is covered with the moonlight path, see colored petals fragrance, moonlight through gaps in the foliage, splashing on my face, light the Yingjie Huangruo eyelash raving, flashing a natural clarity, can wash away the dust from the secular, can let me meet a pairwise across, do not abandon not far from the salon. In the clear years, in the vast sea of people, I will with a compassionate heart, quietly guard this initial and final pure, silent feel the earth's kindness.
Earth noise, the speechless. I was born with a sentimental, indulge in their own expectations, but not what I am destined about a solemn pledge of love. When life water elapses, all the impetuous have settled, all the sadness fade, all pain is a departure from, I still just a lonely world of mortals traveler, only the rest of the gentle and soft, calm calm of the sun and the moon, at the time, the innumerable greedy eyes, enlarged into a desolate empty sky.
Today, there is no soul with free flowing, to listen to the whispers of the flowers of the, moonlight light Yin, see the noble soul, how will upset the desire in the moonlight. All the people, sleeping in their dreams, Enron, who would not care about these details. Sleep, just let him sleep. I will use the water to warm warmth, a cloud hifu.

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