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rural dreams dizzy

Posted on March 13 2015

Quiet night, looking at the curved moon, listen to the sky came the night light music. Heart in the star under light song and dance, dance in my own world. Garden is still the dream city, think of me in the borders, scatter long hair, a pot of plays upon the heart of the Qing Ming, in the curl of the fragrance, will be handed over to the stars all over the sky heart. Quiet month, stars smoke spending one chord. Tonight don't need what, I can drink and meteor into the lamp, in the empty and quiet realm, make up your own touch soul .....

Rural dreams dizzyЧем заняться в Гонконге..
The sound of the flute over the bamboo each hole position, swaying, in the time of note clean, in usual, in the glabella, as is flowing, as is her. May be landing one water Mae, heart light button continuously liusi, colorful story telling? Maybe enclosed with the air path, light steps take place? Lightly threads like this leisurely flute melody, to the stream, to the mountains, the sky clouds into a string.
I wait for you, where the sun rises gradually. Wisps of light through the distant mountains, dispel cold, bathed in curl figure. I, with an oil paper umbrella, brow lift, if warm you will coming direction? A spring wind, letter, there is a sweet story that letter, one in the north, one in the south of the Yangtze River, waving away each other, tread the poetry of the aromatic, drink the same moon. I waited in the Mo, listening to the distant sound of the flute, Yingdong eyes, whether I will become a beautiful scenery on earth?
Look, the flowers are blooming flower, pink suffused with slope. White clouds, swaying soft, warm Keren Jiao yan. She lay down in front, Piaohong between thoughts, willowy, such as thistledown, smoke flow of clear sky, like in the Mekong water that classical woman. Across and stood, waiting for a feast, Lumiere and look forward to better about. Although hidden parting, crossing the rebirth, remain quiet, away from the earth, waiting for God's love.
Into the sea, and saw all the flowers are colourful, delicate quiver, a pulse fluctuation, jumping in the air. Suddenly I saw a flower branches in tears, a drop of tears hurts. I watch carefully, will the tears buried in the bottom of my heart, never mentioning. The flowers have a vicissitudes of life can not hide, flowers withered after to the world grow more enchanting. The flower is great, the dedication of the beautiful, and then quietly return......
Wake up, the dream will finally return to the text, a life of Asade.
Sentiment: the time is so cruel, Confidante again beautiful, will be old. In the long years, we are passing through, the flowers bloom, sunrise and sunset, we only use a quiet heart, can heal everything. The life most of the time not with vigour and vitality, light is really flat. "The indifferent, lost the calm" is the highest realm of practice. Because to understand, so calm, because to understand, so let go, because to understand, so indifferent.
In the network of walking writing for so many years, experienced groundless talk, I also learned to accept everything. Think about it, those Its brightness dazzles the eyes. halo is not suitable for myself, I want to take a cool heart, do take one's ease yourself.
No matter where, have what don't like participation, used to make their own love things to yourself. Had learned not to care about others behind what I said I, because these words can not change the facts, but may disturb your heart. If the random, its all a mess. Understand us, do not need to explain; do not understand our people, deserve we explain. Because so students may not love, but a certain man. Learn to be patient, do not easily take their conservation to challenge others shallow. Learn simple, happiness will belong to us!
With great care to set aside the hearts of the dust, serious mining inner loneliness and heart to the simple chasing, mature in the soundless and stirless grow beautiful, restless heart in peace gradually calm. The acquaintance, the dear friend, is a kind of fate, life's not pretty, just a heart, standing at a distance, put the blessing to deliver the most true, no matter how times change, always remain unchanged teco dc motor.
Like the text, not luxury, just want to in a noisy world, in the text to find the true nature. The text is like life, for myself, for my family, friends, happiness, health, only simple, quiet, happy life.

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