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he has so much

Posted on January 20 2015

Xi resembles the rain, rain days, like missing a also didn't stop. He was helpless, already wet by rain, but he still don't know the shelter from the rain, or walking. Let the rain upon his labor, don't feel cold. As though his heart is so lonely, lonely and cold and cheerless, but his heart is hot. He has a faith which is in the rainy days, go to where she used to live to look at, is also a kind of spiritual comfort. He did not put her, he is really love her and love her, but she is just like the cloud of brinkmanship, he can only far looked at, but not her. He is really good lonely and helpless, he all the time want to her, the in the mind of the bitter only oneself bear <a style="color:#444444;text-decoration:none;" href="http://www.healthcabin.net/Eleaf-E-Cig-Brands-c/1453.html">istick 50w</a>

His deep one feet shallow one foot forward, the mud had covered his feet, because rainy day, don't like the city of rural road, he had two more way to get to her home. This line to cross several field, will pass to corn and beans and many crooked road to go, the way few people go, the road is deserted is fraught with risk, because most of the house moved away and only a few families don't want to go, still there to support the drunk. Can say here is deserted, rural has become decadent. Because the improvement of urbanization, carried out here in the year before last, are moved to live in town, her home is not exceptional also, just as the tide moved away, here was already in ruins, and she is gone, also completely away from his heart. At that time her in time, sometimes he entered her home from work and went to her home to see her. But now it's empty, everything is deserted, there is a land he missed her memories. Today, he really want to her, without her message, and he is very helpless, just like being natural and not natural walked to her, the rain was still under the kind of, he has so much, as long as you can go to the place where she lived, even if the rain pouring died he was willing to me. His whole body almost like a clay figurine, the muddy rain splashed onto his body it doesn't matter, even when he was swallowed up all willingly,as long as it can reach the place called missed him terribly, he will be satisfied.
Have no one here, almost close to the desolate. Occasionally seen in the distance a wisp of smoke from the past, it was some nail house don't want to go. The magpies have left on the tree, only the crow hovering around the tree, that sounds good, no good like to listen to the sad scary. He care so much, he must go through a person's much taller artemisia grass, like a crazy lion, split jing of crawling rolling forward to reach the ruins of her home. He made as a sample, like a drowned rat, all in the running water, he was really exhausted, so also no matter so much, just lying in the grass in the ruins of artemisia, on think, if she at this moment and he together this much good? You know he can for her in this way, she should how moved. He almost at this time, immersed in the beautiful memories, cannot extricate oneself. With his eyes closed meditation, those beautiful pictures, just like a movie, arrangement he immersed in the beautiful memories, how beautiful it is intoxicated, as if he and she snuggling together at this time, the sweet hug, sweet kiss and lifelike appear in the eyes. He really intoxicated in the happiness, can not extricate themselves.
Suddenly a loud thunder, woke up from the sweet with the memory of him, he opened his eyes, surrounded by wormwood, he is like a little abandoned animals, lying in the waist-deep wormwood, feed. The rain is coming next, he looked at the xi resembles the falling rain, heart pain don't like the rain? He inevitably falls off the sad tears again and again. Maybe it is the cold rain, he poured wake up again and again. He arose, and stood up and walked to the middle to the ruins, see those messy tiles, and those that once the place where he is reluctant to part, is now beyond recognition, only leave a messy to called he fickle infatuation. He looked at all of this, as if the every corner and the each leave her good memory, he inadvertently see there is a crack in the corner, set into a look, it seems to have what thing, he like discovering the new continent, quick hands move brick block, sure enough, found a pack of things inside, outside with plastic package slip, as if specially reserved for what person. Can he wants is that she left him, he is no longer to think, open and see not clear <a style="color:#444444;text-decoration:none;" href="http://www.tecoelectric.com/geared-motor.htm">teco dc motor gear</a>  ?

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