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a woman in the kitchen

Posted on December 29 2014

Morning, Hualien Tzu Chi do wonton, flipping the fire. At noon cooking. Cooking at night. Ten o'clock at night, Hualien Tzu Chi station in the yellow light are fried, blazing fire Yinghong a street - black. Hualien Tzu Chi busy from morning to night, from winter to spring busy. Others rest, she didn't break. The day of the Lunar New Year's thirty, Hualien Tzu Chi stands at three elm Bu's stand four Xiali around. The road is not home workers as usual to eat, high streets and back lanes was crackling sound of firecrackers. Hualien Tzu Chi in the smoky afternoon received booth. She said, the day of the income, enough to give the children kowtow money.
The day of the smoky, Hualien Tzu Chi's face turned purple red color. She was wrapped in a red fine grid large apron, body slightly small. Hualien Tzu Chi hair tied up Ji, was. Many years ago, there was a regular customer in a dish of stir fried tomato and found a curly blond in the egg, the flower Ci at him for free in exchange for a dish. But since then, the guests are not visited her food stalls Freight Forwarder.

Spend Gu CI reluctant people, she a person struggling for a few years, more and more people eat at the booth, she is Jun words to help. Jun words and Hualien Tzu Chi is sister, Jun words have leg disease, always stay at home.
Jun Yan is dexterous, Zecai, washing vegetables, vegetable stew, Steamed Rice, package Boiled dumplings, steamed buns, do Hanamaki, flipping Egg cakes. Flower of snack food patterns CI more, popularity.
Jun words is to spend, Tzu Chi is Britain spoon chef. Hualien Tzu Chi technology is not less than the hotel chef, so many years to repeat customers in a continuous line, not only because of her meal, affordable, more important is delicious, delicious.
Years of standing, Hualien Tzu Chi leg veins abrupt expansion, context, and stasis of blood. Summer flowers Tzu wearing shorts, sweating, bvi offshore company standing in front of the stove, the hands of the frying pan upside down. Her calf staggered bulge lines like earthworms coiled winding.
Hualien Tzu Chi's husband in the town's high school when the driver. He is a Tuanlian, white fat man wearing a suit, all the year round. He is rarely seen to Hualien Tzu Chi's stand on a hand.
Hualien Tzu Chi food is for the customer to eat three meals a day, husband more willing to deal with in the school cafeteria. He didn't like a pepper dish, the canteen cooking never put pepper. Hualien Tzu Chi cooking, pepper is the essential seasoning. He enjoyed a group of people together to eat the lively atmosphere, rentoucuandong, he occasionally look at the window behind the back and forth busy figure.
The facial features delicate, slender. This is met the woman in his dream, pouty lips, slightly noble. Hualien Tzu Chi busy day to a drink slobber, her lips were dry, peeling, sometimes ooze blood.
The husband's wage is not high. His smoking, drinking, make friends. When I got married, his salary is handed in. Since the Hualien Tzu Chi ran the food stalls, his salary will never get out. Hualien Tzu Chi fry a month's food, on the arrival of his previous year's class. Hualien Tzu Chi does not care about his two money.
She is a country girl outside, doing odd jobs at the school cafeteria. She has a hint of fragrance on the body, pure fragrance, no soil is not Mei, be just perfect beauty Cardboard Standee.

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