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leisurely floating in the sky

Posted on November 5 2014

Time, inadvertently swept autumn light head, blowing autumn hair, days of walking, flounder already is late autumn<a style="color:#444444;text-decoration:none;" href="http://www.healthcabin.net/Eleaf-E-Cig-Brands-c/1453.html">istick 50w</a>.

The autumn leaves, quietly changed color; gently over time, gradually, alter its tender green. A yellow green, heralding the vicissitudes of years to mature, deep autumn, autumn maple to make dye, a piece of velvety leaves, strong will run through the whole season. When autumn leaves, dust between a precarious Guaqian, even on the brink of a cliff crescent, still tightly holding time hand, with a loving, Chi way, last good-bye and this season run.

The autumn wind, romantic, touching, hugging the memory of the fragrance, will slowly cool season of flowers. Pass by the life flourishing period, not greedy, do not hesitate, still exceed lightsome pace walking. A burst of autumn wind, blowing over the autumn water, ripples ripples, so naughty, so sentimental. That night, the autumn wind rustling whirling, cool, swept through every corner, the time of late autumn, so cubujifang to. As if between one night, the cool autumn allure, make full of fallen leaves, falling sky. Time hand, seemed to do magic. The windy days, only then gently blowing, autumn is strong.
Autumn rain, more than a cold. Now I just have to accept that autumn, really come around, you would not go back to the summer and warm! The hearts of the warmth of anticipation, quietly hidden in heart, wait for the coming year in the spring to open. Autumn, the voice of the ticking, wake up tea romantic period flowers, holding a season of flowers near the cool, heave a sigh of sorrow. Autumn, playing music from nature, whispering the depths of time the most beautiful words; a gentle autumn whispers, making all things quiet, condensate heart to listen. Autumn, not loud, not publicity, gently sway, quietly falling; persistent and gently go to a World Water Day Mid Autumn Festival invited long. Misty autumn, light smoke around, meaningful, misty, if one day the poetic stretch. Thoughts, dilatory in graceful fluttering rain, much nostalgia, affectionate, fall into a tender feelings in hong.
Autumn flowers, <a style="color:#444444;text-decoration:none;" href="http://www.tecoelectric.com/geared-motor.htm">teco dc motor gear</a> like a prostitute's woman, subtle and elegant, lonely and dignified; her gentle by nature, full of poetry, elegant, gentle appearance. She sat quietly a CI, di Mei not language, sweet smile, in between, the city. Autumn flowers, looking forward to a full moon, also said the season deep exposed poor Miss; also like sea, the mind such as lan. Autumn flowers and incense rhyme, to season a quiet fragrance, autumn Rui tender, wore a love charm, many shy, how many love. Think, she has a blossom beauty, in the world of loneliness and indifferent to Enron, Fanghua Ching Ling, leisurely enjoy the fleeting time.
The autumn cloud, leisurely floating in the sky. At this time, the sky clear, the more the cloud pure and lofty. The autumn sky, if a great heart, allows only a few cloud son falls the shadow. A cloud heart, only one world, placed in only one person can see and touch the height. The cloud, such as cotton like Xu, lazy to seemingly not moving a sensual. However, just turned a sparse meaning, patches of cloud has not drifting towards where, disappeared without a trace; not keep tracking, not looking up, as if it had never been crocopen.

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