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a new environment

Posted on September 24 2014

irst, means that you go to a new environment; first, means that you have to make some strange people like you; first, means that you are likely to start from zero.
I think that is a very easy to get along with people. Each to a new environment, I can quickly integrate into one, and get along with the environment friendly. When I finally from the girl boiled mother-in-law when, looking at those newcomers, I saw years ago of oneself, ignorant, ignorant and cowardice, even spoke with great care, there was no hand teach you, had to rely on their own to slowly observation, careful experience, like this only then growing up step by step Roger Dubuis hong kong

Now back in those days, I would feel very precious. Whenever I hear is not good to do those newcomers complain about work, I will smile to say with them, it doesn't matter, everything will be OK, you have to believe in yourself. When I said that, and not a meishiren like, instead, I was able to feel their situation, because this way, I have walked.
All the time since, I don't want to know, why those old employees create all sorts of obstacles like those new people? The new and difficult to get happy, have what mean? This is not my own happiness based on the suffering of others? When a couple appeared in the company, trembling with fear, his mind be very upset, he can't foresee his future, he might want to much of the night last night, when working with leaders should how to talk, or should be how to get along with colleagues? He is with great care, lest because he is not a word, and against the people. So, one can imagine, his mind to bear much pressure!
If the old employees to create all sorts of obstacles of words, the psychological quality of poor people, I estimate will be depressed for a while, even the good psychological quality, will be sad for several days to estimate. elyze好唔好 If lucky enough to get through this period of time, finally became an old man, in the face of those new people, but also create all sorts of obstacles, so revenge, when?
I don't understand, why not create a harmonious environment, let those new employees made it a sense of belonging, and the old staff, qualifications, should also understand how to create opportunities for young people, should also be good for young people to take a stand, so that those young people to show their. If everyone to do so, I believe that, this QV baby cream company will become better and better, and eventually become a "giant" company, and not become a "dwarf" company.
Now, with the passage of time, slowly I also want to know, first, more is a new beginning! I arrived early, or you are going to himself, writing a glorious future, so please get ready .

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