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time is like a river

Posted on July 4 2014

To create a different life experiences, growth composed mood. The journey in a hurry, arranged in a crisscross pattern confused, sour, sweet, bitter, hot mix. Time does not stop in the years of the slip, and we had to step on the stability, to do the adjustment of mood. Life is not hesitate, quickly Zhaohua fleeting, we fail not life. The years of their journey compose the passions, today is my way through the landscape, shaping the life and experiences, and overlap so that we know the gratitude and inclusive. Years passed, no longer to alternate between joy and grief, and interference with a life of details, in the ring engraved with delicate layer Neogen black volume cream.

Many people's life pursue, everyone is looking for a perfect, but what is perfect? Nobody can give a reasonable explanation. With health want money, have money to fame...... And we don't stop distortion in the claim of. Desire is a deep, more difficult to fill. For just as the waves of the sea, endless impact, and will eventually perish in a wave of. Life is not only a kind of attitude, but also need a master mind, adjust their own life, not to rewrite the external material. Contentment is the root of happiness, of a fair, just win a peace of mind. Life is a kind of sound, from crying or to start at random, and passionate majestic, process finally lay listening flowers in the cloud in the zen. The road of life while running understand impermanence, too many amidst the winds of change, the change that we learn to bear, and helpless. Let us know how to be grateful. We can and keep a constant emotion, but not hold gradually thin fleeting, a treasure often warm life. Life is the survival of the bottom, every day we are in the painting, the line is clear, whether in and combed the messy mood. The noisy world, there is always too much interference, the mood fluctuation will crumple disorderly mind. Perhaps we have too much not to have, but it will release the past, non entanglement is we don't let go of eolian dust, how strange about you? The appropriate decompression, don't do the time drag. In the face of don't understand more, need to clear the mind precipitation, each context, black and white is always a gap and upside down tom ford sunglasses sale. Gorgeous only an external mounting, and pure flavor more connotation. Empty life don't pursue the impetuous, unrealistic things like a wisp of cloud flash powder. Life not to dye into the drama too much, we can not change the light pink peach, also not necessarily can sing Mann Niao drawl. Life needs a face to face really stand on solid ground, a pure. Many times we not need to outline the contours of the future, because too many unknown and unpredictable. Can every day to go live, give yourself a happy mood, to others a sunshine smile, also is the life giving respect. Happiness is like leisure when the cup of tea, taste is a comfortable, drink is comfortable. Happiness is hungry. Gladden the heart of a glass of water, drink is dull, winning is grateful. Such is life, you a little picky, you'll have a peace of mind, a more understanding, won a tacit understanding. The journey of life to match different trials, but there is a strong call for. Life experience bumpy, all have to pay in order to toward perfection, when breaking through the mist, will always find their own flash point. Life need to keep trying, to taste its flavor, life keep comprehension to the soul of excellence. A river crossing the square know depth, spanning the obstacles that need to wear. Pay always returns, more efforts, more harvest. For a better life, into the seeds of happiness, let it come to life color, warm the whole home. Love life, hospitality management degree people are often more good, more good people are often the most simple. Every man there is a halo, just too care about the secular eyes, paranoia, and ignored its reproduction. The origin of life from the good, pure. This complex messy clear eyes, also will give the original pure dye into the spot, but the survival needs open-minded, don't catch a little injustice or a spot not to put, and put himself into the realm of be very upset. The survival of the theme is to live, not into the secular bias of the objective, and his sincere. Have a good, a pure love, always infection one party Sukhavati, without losing the nature, will control the survival value.

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