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the beauty of it is true

Posted on June 20 2014

New Year approaching, the new home of several pots of flowers, a Cyclamen, hyacinth, clivia...... All the flowers and a room full of elegant fragrance. The only pot of daffodils only Bi leaf pieces stand, has not seen the flowers. I only pity it later put Narcissus basin.
Narcissus, perennial herb, bulb ovoid, like garlic. People with "narcissus bulb" to point at one but abuse another, people make grand gestures. But I enjoy its unique beauty.
When I met my wife, bud is not long, just as white as jade, jade leaf sky, can't love, so I have more urgent to see it open. The flower is far better than the body and leaves, delicate and beautiful Tape replacement.

So eager and look after a few days: will it leans on the heating side, as it sprinkled with lukewarm water, every day looking forward to look at ah at...... Seeing the small buds gradually, gradually show white, Huang Rui grew out of. Today, has been completely open, honest I'm not negative!
It is pure.
The cleaning is a cleaning it, any dirty bit tacky nor staining. Lotus is longer than the silt but don't dye black gas, it is the whole body into the water, it is elegant angel, pure spirit.
It is tolerant, the beauty of it is true.
It is not like other flowers, flower blossoms, exclusive, pet, leaves to fall into the mud, the beauty of it throughout the body, even considering raising its water. And let that continuously cover me half pout, and let that a handful of water than I have unlimited, and let the snow-white waist than I would have. I have full flap sincere to reward, I had a Rui Qin Xin fragrance.
It did not mourn the world charm, won't produce big majestic, it is ordinary.
It is not a GUI lady "flowers with tears, not all the words" flowers, not "don't Lang, jade flowers like snow" sorrow flowers; it does not seem ever toward students Twilight died of desolation, no peony Yan to move the capital air; it has no pear ice bully snow beauty, no Dongmei Ling Han alone on her side; it does not seem ever soft without bone, near the born, nor if the peony beauty for itself, the branches. It is also fragile, tiny flowers to bend thin torus pressure, it is strong, rather awkwardly bent rather than leaning erect branches and leaves. It was born in the greenhouse, hothouse, white is not dazzling, beautiful do not grow.
iphone skins Its fragrance is like smoke, hazy in a pure sweet, let you how close, but always can't smell real. It's not like jasmine fragrance hill wind elegant, not like the rose is sweet and greasy thick; it is not as good as the lavender fragrance as elegant breath, nor if Epiphyllum fragrance like dignified dignified. Its fragrance is sweet breath between candy sweet and wild flowers, incense and not strong, sweet but not greasy.
It has a graceful girls, girls are unique mellow and sweet, and courageous and stubborn juvenile. You can feel it unremarkable, even Nothing is right., it will not bow to you. Outside the curtain of rain, it fall and winter, and go and open.
Pull people in the bitter, that the CI; delegate to the music, is sad. I with several glasses of water, some hope, that I give flowers for mercy, but want to spend for me, then why not filled with compassion? I hereby flower dripping, creating the Keke lush fragrant flowers, petals, and beginning to my surprise, after Wen Xiang to my music, and did not drop after the spring, peach nectar after?
There is no bodhi tree, nor stand mirror. So, beginning know Buddhism how to see the leaf, a tree to know everything. In the face of nature, human compassion is but a feather in birds, a sand in the desert. Buddhists to compassion, but all things are included in the heart. But the heart is full of space, is to get the favour of spirit to fill, such broad, constant static, silent.
The residual income is willing to share alexander hera pre wedding.

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