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let me understand that

Posted on June 4 2014

Life, like a dark path, dark, YouChang, deep.
On this path, I had failed, had lost. At this point, however, there is a lamp, hanging in front of me, lead me in YouChang ji blazed a path of cold, beyond the self. He is looking for a lamp to my forward - literature discount designer brands!

Literature, such as a glimpse of a steady stream of spring, moisturize my dry throat, irrigate my thirsty heart.
Literature, let me have that "empty sea, tolerance is a great" wide state of mind. Literature, let me understand that "abandon muddy not afraid, to be kept clean on earth" persevere; Literature, let me understand that "died in concept, depending on the die suddenly, such as" the great feelings; Literature, gave me a "shining in the bright moon between pine, clear spring stone upper" infinite daydream.
vintage tube In the troughs of my life, I feel inferior, I cowardice, with the least of literature, I keep climbing upward from the life the trough. Gradually, I found that I am not good for nothing, I have my own charm, has its own bright spot, have their own pride
"Light", light up my life, let me see the future infinite broad.
"How the steel was tempered" told me: to learn "ling2 han2 open" perseverance. Now even the poor heavy wind in winter, snow depth several feet ", could also not at the end of the literature for my belief. "Light", give me light and heat, is also a "light" tell me, the life of calm is impossible, even the sea wave lift up the surface of the water, also can because of the breeze and sparkling, because stone circles on the ripples in the fall of the son.
Yes only the weather-beaten have sports; Only learned there is brilliant; Only read widely, have a flair. Each person's talent is not born, only the tireless study, insatiable asked, achievement, success, not doomed, but on their own to pursue unceasingly, to explore.
Literature, I enlightened one; Literature, I explore space; Literature, my hobbies; Literature, my "light", the footsteps of light my way! Light, my life alexander hera!

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