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one pair a married couple

Posted on September 2 2015 by

It noticed I was different when a few friends and I found some porn tapes. We were 9 or 10 and when we hit play on the teenage gangbang 1980s video they all shrieked at the sight of any dick hiding their faces until it was more like softcore than hardcore...

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he looked to my face

Posted on July 22 2015 by

The sky floated to the crystal of the snow, the color of the incident, but the vast white. In addition, only quiet, quiet seems to be able to hear the sound of snow falling. But the silence seemed to be drowned by the other istick 50w I, dressed in a...

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marriage kill as well as

Posted on June 11 2015 by

About happiness, people out of a hundred, a hundred claims, the philosopher Socrates believes that morality is the people's access to basic conditions of happiness; psychologist Sigmund Freud believes that relieve depression and anxiety is happiness;...

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full moon tonight

Posted on May 19 2015 by

After the meal, holding a cup of green tea, window, moon, slow sip.Tea, from the lips, gently, in the tongue of dying. Tea, bitter and melancholy heart, also the slightest stack, quietly away.The moon, in the heart on the brow, Ying Ying in the house,...

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take the entire minute

Posted on April 24 2015 by

Think about the last time you felt a negative emotion -- like stress, anger, or frustration. What was going through your mind as you were going through that negativity? Was your mind cluttered with thoughts? Or was it paralyzed, unable to think? The next...

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in Poland or Italy

Posted on April 16 2015 by

It is a strange thing that the sea voyages was there nothing to be seen but the sky see men should make diaries. But in a land travel, was there so much to observe. For the most part, they omitted as a chance or a feature to be registered than observation....

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rural dreams dizzy

Posted on March 13 2015 by

Quiet night, looking at the curved moon, listen to the sky came the night light music. Heart in the star under light song and dance, dance in my own world. Garden is still the dream city, think of me in the borders, scatter long hair, a pot of plays upon...

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he has so much

Posted on January 20 2015 by

Xi resembles the rain, rain days, like missing a also didn't stop. He was helpless, already wet by rain, but he still don't know the shelter from the rain, or walking. Let the rain upon his labor, don't feel cold. As though his heart is so lonely, lonely...

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a woman in the kitchen

Posted on December 29 2014 by

Morning, Hualien Tzu Chi do wonton, flipping the fire. At noon cooking. Cooking at night. Ten o'clock at night, Hualien Tzu Chi station in the yellow light are fried, blazing fire Yinghong a street - black. Hualien Tzu Chi busy from morning to night,...

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leisurely floating in the sky

Posted on November 5 2014 by

Time, inadvertently swept autumn light head, blowing autumn hair, days of walking, flounder already is late autumnistick 50w. The autumn...

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